Al Ahram is one of the oldest, independently-owned securities brokerage firms in Egypt. Our history stretches back to the mid-1940s when brothers Mr. Edward and Mr. Raul Forty established Hector Forty Securities Brokerage. Mr. Nassef Nazmy -- the founder of Al Ahram -- joined Hector Forty in 1957 and progressed his career from representative to stockbroker, partner, and eventually founded Al Ahram alongside his brother, Mr. Soliman Nazmy, in 1994.

With a legacy of more than 70 years, history has made us a key player and witness of transformations in the Egyptian economy. These include the nationalization of shares in the early sixties, the open-door policy in the seventies, the privatization of government institutions in the nineties, the 2011 revolution and finally, the economic reform program endorsed by the IMF in 2016. Having been witness to all these transformations, we have built strength, stability and expertise that is imparted to every employee at Al Ahram. Throughout our long and distinguished history, we have been committed to putting clients first, working with integrity, building relationships and achieving quality results. All these aspects earned us the solid reputation we have today as one of the most trusted names in Egypt’s brokerage industry.

As a firm, our mission is to serve as a trusted partner to our clients by providing best-in-class services that help them preserve and grow their investments. As we continue to pursue this mission, we are guided by a set of qualities which define us and constitute the basis of our success and distinguished reputation: Legacy, Integrity and Excellence. 

Our Timeline

This is a summary of the stages our company has undergone from the time it was established by Mr. Edward and Mr. Raul Forty in 1945 until the time Al Ahram Securities Brokerage was founded in 1994 by brothers Mr. Nassef and Mr. Soliman Nazmy.


Our Reputation

Adhering to our principles helped us reach the spotless reputation we are renowned for in the brokerage industry. Since our inception, there have been no legal violations filed against the company and the company was never fined or penalized by the Financial Regulatory Authority or Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry. Our work ethic has led to the success that matters most to us: a strong reputation combined with long-term partnerships with clients built on trust and loyalty.

Our Promise

  • We execute with skill and speed
  • We place the interests of the clients above our own
  • We strive to provide best-in-class advice and execute excellence on every transaction
  • We comply with the laws, rules and business principles that govern us