About us


Company overview:

Al Ahram is considered one of the oldest brokerage firms in Egypt, it's history goes back to the 50's, bringing a wealth of experience and know how to our clients and to the markets in lots of areas such as:

  1. Thorough understanding with the special rules that govern the trading process for corporations:                                                                                                            
    • Companies law no.159 of 1981 and its executive regulations.
    • Capital markets law no.95 of 1992 and its executive regulations.
    • Amending investment law no.8 of 1997 and its executive regulations.                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  2. Operations made by large legal consultancy firms by finalizing deals for investors and sellers for both Egyptian and foreign companies.
  3. Connections and experience with the largest financial institutions and banks operating in Arab Republic of Egypt as well as Arab and Foreign investment funds.
  4. Al Ahram manages all that through a team of talented and experienced professionals that work integrated hand in hand to guarantee the company’s continuous success and improvement.
    Al Ahram is classified as “A” category for Investment Risk Index issued by Misr for Clearance and Depository and Registry (MCDR) Company.

    Al Ahram is one of the very few companies that received a certificate from the Capital Market Authority indicating its clean and excellent track record since it was established.



Participate in enhancing and expanding the capital market in Egypt through providing premium financial and investment services to our clients and encouraging them to invest in the Egyptian market.


  1. The company is seeking expansion in its client base by opening new branches, thus matching the expansion in the Egyptian stock market.
  2. Expansion of the company infrastructure to match the growth in the volume of trading.
  3. Achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, which we promise to provide through a business model which guarantees the highest level of reliability, efficiency and integrity.




a)Customer Service:

  • This department handles all customer inquiries and questions, simplifying the trading process through solving all possible problems or questions that arise.
  •  This department is considered the link between the customer and the market, as the employees periodically call their clients, announcing any breaking news or changes in the market, as well as the latest events in the market as soon as they are announced. The customer also receive through this department the latest research done on the stocks whenever they are ordered by the client, as well as recommendations for how strong or weak is the stock financial position.


b)Execution Department:

  • This department contains a team of very efficient and experienced executers, providing top performers to the customer.


C) Information Technology:


  • Al-Ahram Company uses the latest technology, software and equipment needed for information transfer and dissemination, linking networks that help employees carry on with their work effectively and efficiently, and linking the different departments together to improve performance. The IT department gives highest priority to security and privacy of customer data.
  • This department also cooperates with different parties and our website developers to provide a continuously updated website that is easy to use and serves our customer needs.


d) Operations and Accounting:

  • This department handles the financial issues of customer accounts, providing clearance for traded stocks. As a customer account is opened, the department continuously monitors the changes in the account balance as well as monitoring execution of all transactions on daily basis, creating all needed reports and statements, and ensuring the responsibilities of the company with external parties involved in the financial transactions
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