• Systems and Services 

Information System: 
The company provides the following services: 

• Latest economic indicators for the Egyptian market. 
• Information about the Egyptian and Arab markets, including value of transaction and stocks financial position. 
• Prices and information about (GDR) Global Depository Receipts, through our website. 
• Latest news and indices for the whole region through our website. 
• Free consultancy to our clients in all transactions. 
• Market watch screens providing instant market information in our premises. 
• Professional service for both private and corporate investors. 
• Full fledged (OTC) Over The Counter department for listing and delisting of companies. 
• Trading via telephone and online trading. 
• Client funds are held in segregated accounts at first class banks – guaranteeing the safety of your money. 

Online trading system : 
The company’s on line trading system gives you the privilege of having a full control over your portfolio, without the interference of any other party, which provides you with a private, reliable and a whole brokerage firm where you are, in addition to: 

• 24-hour access via internet to all the information supporting your trading decisions. 
• Complete access to live prices, real time charts and account activity logs. Regarding the client's privacy. 
• Easy to use interface. 
• Full support, either by e-mail or telephone. 

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